Still here….

I must admit I have been away from my desk for way too long.  As Craig observed I haven’t posted anything since mid december.  The last couple of weeks have been even more hectic than previous silly seasons.  Firstly I am no longer in NZ – that’s right I have returned to Perth.  Yes, I’m still with Intilecta and now that we are approaching the end of version 1 we are all looking forward to penciling the list of requirements for version 2.

So, having been tagged I guess I’d better list 5 things that you might not know about me:

  1. Although I used to play a number of sports as a kid the list has been dramatically shortened to just hockey, sailing and kite surfing.  Well, these are the sports I can do here in Perth.  Of course when I travel I try to tie in a bit of snowboarding too.
  2. I definitely call Perth my home city, and Australia as my home country.  In actual fact I was born and raised (until I was approximately 8) just outside of Cambridge in the UK.
  3. Through highschool I played the saxophone and the piano (neither of which I have played in about 10 years)
  4. I have a younger brother who is one of the best barristas here in Perth.  After 6 months in Wellington I did find some good coffe but it has been fantastic to be back in the heat (average temperature since I’ve returned has been 30ish) and to be able to walk down the road for a great coffee
  5. Clearly my chosen profession (and general area of interest) is software development I’m also a trained sailing coach (able to train sailors to compete at state and national level) and instruct snowboarding.  I often wonder whether I can be bothered keeping up with the continual (re)evolution of the IT industry – I could just drop out and follow either the sun or the snow around the globe.

Next I’d better tag some other bloggers:

  1. Rob Farley
  2. Steve Lasker
  3. Mitch Wheat
  4. Michael Kleef
  5. Alastair Waddell

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a great new year.

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