Gemini Issue Manager

One of the few metrics that does interest me about our development process is the number of outstanding issues.  In fact of these issues the ones that are of particular interest are of cource the bugs/defects.  At Intilecta we are currently using a product called Gemini from CounterSoft.  Although it quite a neat (and cheap) issue tracking system it is sometimes difficult to get the metrics you want.  To this end I have started to work with the Webservice API they expose to put together a tool that allows you get a summary count of the number of issues for a particular project, resource, component etc.

Feel free to run the Gemini Issue Manager from here.  You will need to enter the url of the webservice api of your Gemini installation (eg if the main page of your Gemini installation is http://myserver/gemini/Main.aspx then your webservice url is http://myserver/gemini/webservices/gemini.asmx). It also requires an access code which is stored in the web.config file for your gemini installation (look for the line that starts <!– WebServicesAccessCode – Security code that must be used when using Gemini web services –>).  Once you have entered this the first time the application will remember it the next time you run it.  After entering this information, press the load button to access your gemini data (at this stage there is no feedback to tell you it has finished accessing the server so you will need to try expanding the treenode – it will expand once the data has been loaded). 

Please feel free to add comments/feedback on what information you would like to see or how the layout could be improved.

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