My First Hour with the Smart Device Framework v2.1

Normally I wait until I can get a copy off the back of a truck before I both playing with a new piece of software but in this case I’ve been so eager I figure I’d bite the bullet and purchase a license to the new [OpenNETCF] Smart Device Framework v2.1 (with [VS2005] Extensions).  The other reason I felt I should make this purchase is that it is only $50 (single license) and that I figure it would help these guys continue their great work.

Although I haven’t really got down to playing with the various controls and classes I am suitably impressed with the level of integration and the setup process they have.  Here are just a few shots of me “opening the box”.

Installer package even has the correct icon

The installation process

Integration into Splash Screen

New Project types

New Controls, already added to the Toolbox

Integrated Help

Check out the list of contributors

Impressive Documentation

Appropriate listing in the Start Menu

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