Silicon Beach House


At the end of last month I posted that we were setting up a co-working space here in Perth.  Well, a lot has happened since then and we now have the following companies involved with Silicon Beach House (blog, site etc still to be created…):

As you can see we have a range of companies involved, with each company working with different technologies.  Although there is a clear web focus for a number of the companies there are some that have seen the light and are either building occasionally connected applications (namely Intilecta) or are not developers (Tuscan IT).  There is also the ever contentious issue as to what hardware to run – it seems that the majority of the office prefer Macs, which I must say gives the office a bit of style 😉

Yesterday we took delivery of additional tables and chairs so that everyone is comfortable and despite the downtime from the ever useless iinet everyone seem to feel at home.  If you are thinking that you would like to be part of this hive of activity we are still looking for another 2 or 3 people to move in. If you know anyone who is currently working from home and would like to enjoy the numerous benefits of inner city working life, please feel free to contact me

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