What do Victorian .NET SIG attendees and Ben Cousins have in Common?

A: They’re both “users” in the eyes of the government….

Ok, so not a great joke but I had to post about this as it is a true sign that political correctness has gone a step too far.  When Victoria .NET was established, the Melbourne .NET User Group and the Australian Developers .NETwork combined and came in under their banner.  For better or worse it was done to help the user groups function, providing venue and funds for them do continue to operate.  However, they decided to change the name to Victoria .NET Dev SIG.  Apparently one of the reasons it wasn’t called a “user group” was that it has connotations relating to drug using – go figure huh!

I mentioned this earlier today to a friend of mine and his response was

… so the attendees now wear protective helmets and badges that say they are “special” …

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