VB guys can be Zealots too

This morning I heard some devastating news – Bill McCarthy, author of the @Head blog, has been evicted from a community discussion alias for being inflammatory and using derogatory language.  As a courtesy to the VB community Bill has posted his thoughts about VB being the n*gg*r of Microsoft’s programming languages

Whilst I can understand that this post could be taken as being culturally insensitive I think this is an over the top reaction, essentially trying to cover up a real issue that the VB community have been fighting for years.  Regardless of what Microsoft says, VB is not given the same level of respect as C#.  This is not to say that the VB product team doesn’t do a fantastic job of both innovating with both language and IDE features, because as a long time VB zealot I’m still yet to be convinced to join the dark side… But honestly how many times do you see a framework, best practice guidance or SDK come out that has been done in VB first?

As a plea to Microsoft – please reconsider Bill’s involvement with the discussion alias.  His contribution to the alias and the VB.NET community as a whole is too valuable to be lost.

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