Device Performance – Is Windows Mobile fast enough?

I’ve often wondered why with all the processing power that’s now in these devices do they still feel sluggish.  Recently I’ve used the HTC Touch, TyTnII and now the Touch Dual and all three could really do with more grunt.  It’s not that they are particularly bad, it’s just the occasional 1 or 2 second lag when you power out of standby or when you have 10 or so programs all running – unfortunately despite Windows Mobile being capable of evicting programs, the OS doesn’t really do this very well so you still suffer performance degradation before you decide to force closure of some applications.

Anyhow, across at MoDaCo, Paul has an interesting post that talks about the fact that HTC haven’t included the appropriate device drivers to really get the most out of your device.  I took a look at the response by HTC and thought to myself – well that’s the last time I buy a HTC device!  Honestly, if they can’t do the right thing by their customers in terms of releasing a ROM update which includes the drivers (or better still, just sell the devices with the right drivers in the first place) then they don’t deserve all the positive feedback they get from the likes of Paul.

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