Back Away From the Computer….

Ok, so my User Group Frustrations post caused quite a bit of a stir which I guess in hindsight I should have predicted.  So I want to make a few things clear:

This wasn’t, as much as it might have appeared, an attack on either Paul or Readify.  Both are highly valued members of the .NET community and contribute a lot back (eg Code Camp, User Group presentations, RDN and so the list goes on).

My personal opinion is that if you commit to doing something then you should make every effort to deliver on it.  Now as I mentioned in my initial post this might be too simplistic and I’m well aware that there are likely to be circumstances that are out of our control which might prevent this happening.  I’m also as guilty as the next person of occasionally forgetting to do something but I will also go out of my way to attempt to fix the situation.  Due credit to Paul, he has volunteered to present later in the year!

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