HTC Touch Pro – Breaking the iPhone trend

One of the trends that I’ve seen over the last week or two is the growing number of previously loyal Windows Mobile users who have drunk the apple juice and are now wielding an iPhone. Whilst I have nothing against the iPhone I can’t see myself using a device that doesn’t support primitive operations such as copy-n-paste or that assumes that we wouldn’t want to schedule a meeting with more than one attendee….(list goes on).

With this in mind, when the screen on my HTC Touch Dual stopped working a couple of weeks ago I made the decision to go with the HTC Touch Pro.  Eventually it arrived yesterday and I must admit HTC do a great job of packaging:



As I was unboxing and setting up the device I went through a bit of a mental checklist:

  • Minimal yet funky packaging
  • Easy to put together including battery, Sim card and microSD card
  • Autoconfigured for my carrier (3G support out of the box!)
  • Easy to connect through to Exchange (enter email and password and it’s done)
  • Nice user interface (much better than raw Windows Mobile but still a bit laggy in areas)
  • Device.exe crashes frequently
  • Screen is slow to respond

Honestly, why have I got yet another Microsoft based device that crashes (oh wait, it’s Windows, I should be used to this….).  Where is the quality in what’s being shipped. I don’t think that Microsoft or HTC get what really drives the consumer market but surely they must understand that consumers just want stuff that works.

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