Windows Mobile Happenings

This post covers a number of “happenings” in the Windows Mobile space, so I’ll start with a list:

Wow, what a list.  Well let’s start at the top…

Codemasons’ Guild

The Codemasons’ Guild is the brainchild of the Australian Windows Mobile team.  These guys rock; at a time where I’m continually astounded by the lack of action from Microsoft in the Windows Mobile space, the action that’s coming out of the Australian team is inspiring!  Anyhow, back on topic…. the Guild is a local Australian portal for developers interested in building applications for Windows Mobile.  The idea is that by bringing together some industry names (James, Rog, Nick, Dave, and myself), partners in the Windows Mobile space, events and a forum, we can build a local community that will foster a whole industry around device applications.

Jumpstart Series

Next on the list is the Jumpstart series.  This is actually a sub-item of the Codemasons’ Guild as all the information about this series is available via the Guild website. To date there have been three sessions:

  1. Session 1: View the recorded introduction session to Windows Mobile 6.5 and Marketplace
  2. Session 2: Getting started developing for Windows Mobile 6.5
  3. Session 3: Widgets: the new Internet Application (recording not yet available)

At this stage the team is looking at how this series can be continued.  If you have any topic that you would especially like to be covered, please let one of the WinMo Oz team know.


The Windows Mobile Marketplace has opened for application submissions, including the Race To Market challenge. You should definitely take a read of the following documents to get ready for submitting your application to marketplace.

Note that in order to submit your application you will need to register ($99 US/$150AUD); you will then have to wait for your digital certificate from GeoTrust for application signing.  The upshot – don’t assume you’ll be able to sign up and submit in one sitting.

Debug Days

Next week the Australian Windows Mobile team, coupled with the team from the Guild are hosting three Debug Days. Well, they’re actually evenings – from 4:30pm through to around 9pm we’ll be helping you with any issues you may have in designing, building, debugging, deploying….. or anything else related to Windows Mobile development.  The idea is that you can either let us know before hand, or just rock up and surprise us, with anything you want help with.  This is going to be a fully interactive session – the more thinking/prep you do before hand, the more value you’ll get out of the session.

Anyhow, the registration links are now open and I look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible next week:


As if I haven’t covered enough, there are a bunch of competitions you can enter related to WM6.5 and Marketplace:

Sign up now and get your mobile application on the shelves of Windows Marketplace for Mobile. When you submit your app, you’ll also be eligible to win the Race to Market Challenge and exciting prizes, including:

  • A Microsoft Surface table
  • Online marketing and promotion
  • A one-of-a-kind trophy

Ready for the challenge?

For developers – do you have a clever concept for a Windows® phone application? We’d like to help you turn it into a best-seller on Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Interested? Simply submit your brilliant concept by August 21, 2009 and you could win one of three prize packs worth $5,000 each! You can enter as many times as you like, as long as each entry is different.

The each of the 3 prizes includes a fully paid ticket to TechEd Australia on the Gold Coast (with 3 nights accom & flights).  The 3 prize winners will have their app showcased at TechEd, including at Smackdown – where we will judge the Master Codemason Application.

Are you a Student? Got a great idea for a mobile app but no way to make it happen? Submit your idea by August 17, 2009 and you could win one of two developer mentorships and share in prizes! You can enter as many times as you like, as long as each entry is different


If you didn’t see the Livemeeting last week on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Widgets, I’m doing a session at the Sydney Deep .NET User Group tomorrow evening.  Full details:

SDNUG Double Header:

Web and application access: supporting the needs of people with disabilities by Dr Scott Hollier

WM6.5, Widgets and Marketplace by me 🙂

Thursday 6 Aug 2009 6.00pm – 8.00pm (add to calendar)

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