BeeMobile4.NET Gets Designer Support in Visual Studio for Windows Mobile Applications

I’ve just been in contact with the team at and they told me that they now have full designer support within Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 for all their controls. When you purchase their iPack you not only get all their controls but the ability to use them from the toolbox in Visual Studio. Of course, since Windows Mobile application development isn’t supported in Visual Studio 2010 their controls don’t appear there!

Here’s a quick walk through of the experience. Firstly, love the installation process – good attention to detail through the install process.


Once installed I was amazed by the number of controls they now have on offer.


Rather than go through each of the controls in painful detail I downloaded their sample application that showcases all the controls:

image image image

Here you can see a splash screen with an on screen progress bar and a semi-transparent header. The next image includes two main regions including a list, all with transparency so you can see the background. The third image shows you their semi-transparent message box – this is configurable to control both the text, opacity and the buttons displayed.


  image image

These four images just show some of the other controls in action.

If you’re doing Windows Mobile development I’d highly recommend these controls as a great starting point to make your application look amazing. Also, if you have other specific control requirements, contact the team at BeeMobile4.Net as they are able to build controls to suit your requirements.

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