Windows Phone 7 Applications Running Under the Locked Screen

The new Application Certification Requirements document for Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has been published by Microsoft and includes a couple of interesting points:

Firstly, Microsoft, like Apple, have a stupid clause in their Application Policies to the effect that you can’t charge a subscription basis for access to your application. Well, you could it Marketplace gave you the ability to charge a subscription – they don’t, and since 2.1 forbids you from using an external payment gateway (eg PayPal), you can’t do it.


The second and more interesting item is that Windows Phone 7 applications can continue to run even after the Lock screen has appeared.  Apparently there will be (and I say will be as it’s not in the current SDK bits) a method called Microsoft.Phone.Shell.PhoneApplicationService.ApplicationIdleDetectionMode which has to be invoked to allow the application to continue to run.


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