Windows Phone 7 Sessions at TechEd Australia with Prizes

As a reminder – come check out my two sessions at TechEd Australia. The Windows Phone sessions will have a number of giveaways including three copies of the Professional Visual Studio 210and two MSN Subscriptions.

DEV354     Shake, Rattle and Roll with Windows Phone 7
Thursday 09:45 – 11:00 : Breakout Session : Nick Randolph : 300

What distinguishes a Windows Phone 7 application from a regular desktop application is that it can make use of the features of the phone. In this session you’ll learn how to initiate tasks to capture photos from the camera, save a phone number, make a call and send an sms. The hardware integration goes much further with built in support for an accelerometer and FM radio tuner. When combined with the rich media aspects of Silverlight on the device, your Windows Phone 7 application will be set to keep you rocking all night long. .

DEV356     Advanced Windows Phone Services
Thursday 17:00 – 18:15 : Breakout Session : Nick Randolph : 300

Building Windows Phone 7 applications is all about combining the power of Silverlight on the device with services in the cloud. You can offload long running processes to a worker process hosted in Windows Azure, and receive a push notification when it completes. Your application can also leverage the location services to provide more context rich information. This session walks through how you can consumer a number of cloud-based services such as Messenger Connect, Windows Azure storage and OData WCF Data Services from within your Windows Phone 7 application. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without the mandatory discussion on how to handle connectivity issues, such as caching and synchronization.

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