Xamarin.Forms, Windows Phone, Azure Active Directory and iOS

In my previous post I thought that there was an issue with using the Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and the updated Xamarin for iOS. This has been confirmed by the team at Microsoft responsible for ADAL with a view that it will be resolved in a future version (no specifics on which version or when). This is unfortunate as it means my iOS version will have to be put on hold for the timebeing.

On a different note I saw a mention in the forums that apparently Xamarin.Forms 1.4 will support Windows Phone 8.1 (and I hope as part of a universal app, also supporting Windows 8.1). Of course, there’s no timing on this one but does pose the question as to whether I should wait for the next iteration of Xamarin.Forms before proceeding with the sample apps. For the timebeing I’ll continue and see how far I get.

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