Multiple Bootstrapper in WebApiConfig for Mobile Service

In my “wisdom” I decided to rename the primary assembly for my Mobile Service (ie just changing the assembly name in the Properties pane for the Mobile Service).


This all worked nicely when running locally but when I published to Azure I started seeing the following error in the Log, and of course my service wouldn’t run…

Error: More than one static class with name ‘WebApiConfig’ was found as bootstrapper in assemblies: RealEstateInspector.Services, realestateinspectorService. Please provide only one class or use the ‘IBootstrapper’ attribute to define a unique bootstrapper.

Turns out that when I was publishing I didn’t have the “Remove additional files at destination” box checked in the Publish Web dialog. This meant that my old Mobile Service assembly (ie with the old name) was still floating around. As reflection is used over assemblies in the bin folder to locate the bootstrapper, it was picking up the same class in both assemblies…. hence the issue.


Checking the “Remove additional files at destination” box ensures only those files that are currently in your Mobile Service project are deployed.

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