Why didn’t I think of this….. use Crossbow to control Blackberries

Ok, so there are two points to this post:

1) Daniel Moth points out that instead of complaining that the WM5 SDK doesn’t install properly on Vista Beta 2 I should of just temporarily disable User Access Control while installing the SDK – damn, why didn’t I think of doing that.  I guess I assumed that when I told it to “Run as Administrator” it would have the same effect.

2) Anyone watching the Windows Mobile space should be aware that the code name for the next version of Windows Mobile is “Crossbow”.  A quick google on Crossbow and Blackberry (for example if you were looking for a comparison) might lead you to the following page for an Australian company that sells a product called Crossbow Herbicide which is explicitly used “For the control of blackberries…..” – how funny is that.

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