OpenNETCF – Quiet but not stagnant

Anyone working in the .NET CF space will know that the team at OpenNETCF have been leading the way with their Smart Device Framework.  In v1 of the .NET CF the SDF was essential to have any reasonably functioning application.  Now with v2 the SDF is less essential, but you still quickly hit the limitations of the .NET CF. 

Recently Chris has posted about the new LargeIntervalTimer class that is coming in v2.1 of the SDF. A challenge faced by device developers is periodically waking the device up to say synchronise, poll for changes or do some other task.  When a device is in standby mode your managed code doesn’t get an opportunity to execute so you can’t rely on normal timers.  You actually need to hook the OS and to do that gracefully you really need the elegance of the SDF – check out the post for the code!

Personally I can’t wait for them to release v2.1 so I can start working with the new additions.

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