Visual Studio Refresher: Tools -> Options (2)

This post continues the discussion around the Tool -> Options screen in [VS2005].

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Environment – Add-in/Macro Security

Allow macros to run: Toggles whether macros are able to be created, edited or executed.  Disabling this option will immediately disable all macro menu items in the IDE (both under the Macros item in the Tools menu and the Macro Explorer under the View->Other Windows menu item).  Note that if the Macro Explorer is already open it will remain visible, at least until you restart the IDE

Allow Add-in components to load: This option toggles whether Add-ins can load or not.  Unfortunately it really depends on how well the Add-in is written as to whether they are visible or not.  For example the AnkhSVN component still appears in the Tools menu on my machine, however clicking any of the items does nothing. Note that this option also disable the Add-in Manager item in the Tools menu.

Allow Add-in components to load from a URL: Well as you can guess this allows add-ins to be loaded from a url – well duh!  I guess this option is there if you really want to shoot yourself in the foot 😉

Add-in File Paths: This is a series of locations from which add-ins will be loaded (assuming Add-in components is enabled).  By default there are a series of predefined locations:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE% – C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftMSEnvSharedAddins

%APPDATA% – C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataMicrosoftMSEnvSharedAddins

%USERPROFILE% – C:Documents and Settings<username>My DocumentsVisual Studio 2005Addins

%VSAPPDATA% – C:Documents and Settings<username>Addins

%VSCOMMONAPPDATA% – C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersAddins

You can of course add your own or remove these at will to control where add-ins are loaded.

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