Microsoft Build 2020: Uno Platform + WinUI = Future of Cross Platform Apps

I’ve been a long time supporter of the work that the team at Uno Platform have been doing. The announcement today of v3.0 of the Uno Platform comes hot on the heals of releases 2.3 and 2.4 that introduced AndroidX and MacOS support. This isn’t just any old announcement, v3 aligns the Uno Platform with the preview of WinUI 3.

At Built to Roam we’ve been building XAML based applications across a variety of technologies: WPF, Silverlight, WinPhone/Win8, UWP. Each iteration of Windows 10, new features were added to UWP but this limited the reach of the application to devices running the latest version of Windows 10. With WinUI 3.0 Microsoft is detaching the XAML platform away from the Windows version – this means that WinUI can iterate faster and bring newer controls and features to developers. In addition, WinUI also brings with it support for Win32 based applications – more on WinUI here.

So, why is it important that Uno Platform supports WinUI 3.0? Well, if you think of WinUI extending UWP to support all Windows 10 devices, then the addition of the Uno Platform takes WinUI across iOS, Android, macOS and Web via WebAssembly #WinUIEverywhere.

For more information, check out the Announcement of Uno Platform 3.0

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