Naming, Versioning and Releasing Project Reunion and Windows UI

As the first release of Windows UI 3.0 is imminent, there’s a bit of a dialogue going on about its relationship with the parent project, Project Reunion. More specifically the conversations focus on topics like naming, versioning and release planning. In this post I’m going to touch on these topics and provide my thoughts on … Read more

Repacking and Resigning an Android APK to Target Different Environments

In my previous post talking about targeting different environments I ended with the proposition that what we need to be able to do as part of the release pipeline for an app is to adjust the configuration file that’s included in the app package. In this post I’m going to manually walk through what this … Read more

How to Support Multiple Environments in your Mobile Application?

Build Configurations

Whether you’re developing an Android app in Kotlin, a cross-platform app in Flutter or Xamarin Forms, or an Xbox app in C#/XAML, supporting multiple environments when building an app, is just not as easy as it should be. For example the different environments might be dev, test, staging, prodution etc to align with your dev, … Read more

Creating a Flutter App for Web

I’ve covered this topic previously in my post Create, Build and Publish a Flutter Web App but things have changed a little now as web support has been merged, making it easier to build a single application that runs on iOS, Android and Web. To find out more you can check out the Flutter docs … Read more

How to Create a Flutter Widget Using a RenderObject

There is plenty of documentation on how to build a Flutter application and more importantly the significance of widgets. Most articles you’ll read about widgets talk about what a StatelessWidget is and what a StatefulWidget is and how you can inherit from these to create your own widgets. However, what happens when you want to … Read more

Navigate Flutter Apps with Routes

One of the most important aspects of an app is the flow or journey that the user takes through the app. Apps are often described in terms of pages, or screens, and navigating between them. In this post I’m going to cover dividing your application into routes, and how to work with the Flutter navigation … Read more